Sultana Raisins Export In Turkey
January 14, 2020
Caka Gıda Dynamic Growth In Markets
January 13, 2021


Dried fruits are among Turkey’s traditional agricultural export products. Turkey is the most important dried fruit exporter in the world. In terms of quantity nearly 25% of world dried fruit exports come from Turkey. The export figures of dried fruits both in terms of quantity and value, generally has shown an upward trend annually.

Turkey exports dried fruits to the five continents of the world and to more than 130 countries. Nearly 60% of the exports are directed to European Union Countries. 45% of exports were directed to 4 countries, namely UK, Germany, France and the USA in 2020. Apart from the EU countries; the USA, Australia, Canada and Russian Federation are the other important destinations for Turkish dried fruits.

Turkish dried figs are the favorite items for Christmas in the Christian world. Also, they are keenly sought after by Muslims especially during Ramadan as well as during the periods of traditional American and Jewish holidays.

We acknowledge the effect the Turkish dried fruit exporters on Turkish dried fruit market. We, as dried fruit manufacturer, export our quality goods to more than 60 countries. Therefore,  that makes us one of the leading exporter in matter of dried sultanas in Turkey, dried apricots in Turkey, dried figs in Turkey.

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