Dried Fig Export from Turkey

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January 14, 2021

Dried Fig Export from Turkey

Dried Fig Export from Turkey

Dried Fig Export from Turkey. Turkey is the leading country in fig production and fig trade in the world. The fig production in Turkey above the average world production and marketing. However, fig exportation in Turkey will great possibly experience a nominal reduction in the next decade. It is generally expected that this decrease will be in provinces that produce dried figs and grow fresh figs. As the share of fig production and marketing in Bursa and Mersin provinces increases, the other provinces’ share will decrease.

An average of 300 thousand tons of figs is produced annually in Turkey. Only 10-15% of this production is consumed in the domestic market. A large proportion of the figs in the domestic and foreign markets are introduced as fresh figs. Both fresh and dried figs from Turkey are mostly exported to European countries. Increased production estimates for the fresh fig for the 2020s show that Turkey will export more fresh figs to the neighboring, closely located countries.

Due to the rapid decay and short shelf-life property of fresh figs, new markets should be explored in neighboring countries such as Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Greece. Also, it is necessary to carry out studies to improve the production and work out the problems in dried fig farming areas. The information obtained from this study is expected to guide companies engaged in fig production and marketing in both domestic and international markets.

Why are the Best Figs Grown in Turkey?

The homeland of fig, one of the oldest historical fruits among cultural fruits, is Turkey. Due to the climate and ecological demands of figs, it is produced in a very limited number of countries in the world. Turkey is one of these rare countries; It ranks first among the countries in the world in the production of both fresh and dried figs. The main reason for Turkey dried figs export is that fig cultivation can be done on all coastline of Turkey, and the Aegean Region has the most suitable ecology and best weather conditions for figs in the world.

While dried figs are grown mainly in the Aegean Region, fresh figs are primarily grown in other regions. In short, the best quality figs in the world for all its varieties are grown in Turkey. Thus we can say that the origin of fig comes from Turkey. 2019 fig export in Turkey is 85 thousand tons, and it is in the first place with 55% of the world fig export.

Fig Products and Their Benefits

Dried figs, some fruit rich in nutritional values, are consumed as snacks in international markets and cakes, bread, and confectionery products. Low-quality figs are generally used in the production of molasses and ethyl alcohol. Besides, Fig seeds are used in the paint, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries and, they are as valuable as the fig itself. Turkish fig is a healthy food that helps keep you full for longer and relieves constipation. Regular consumption of Turkish figs can reduce the risk of colon cancer. The fiber in figs helps the body eliminate waste quickly, which works well for colon cancer prevention.

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