Production Stages


Figs are fumigated aganist the harmful pests. Fumigation assures the absence of insects and pets in figs and thus the figs become completely pest-free and remain healthy and fresh till reaching to the final consumer.


Figs are sieved and classified according to their sizes between No 1 and 10 under supervision of our qualified and experienced staff.


Figs are finely selected and group


In this unit figs contaminated by aflatoxin or risky in terms of aflatoxin are totaly separated by our skilled and experienced staff specialized in aflatoxin. The remaining figs becomes aflatoxin-free and safe againts fungi.


Figs are carefully washed in hygnienic conditions and made completely clean from all dirts.


Figs are taken to the resting unit after washing process and are kept here till they are ready to later processing under suitable humidity and heat conditions.


Figs are carefully and esthetically arranged by our skilled staff according to the packing types, layer, garland, protoben etc.


Figs, packed with care are stored under suitable health and weather conditions and preserved for shipping with care.


Dried fruits are among Turkey’s traditional agricultural export products. Turkey is the most important dried fruit exporter in the world. In terms of quantity nearly 25% of world dried fruit exports come from Turkey. The export figures of dried fruits both in terms of quantity and value, generally has shown an upward trend annually.

Dried Fruits Product
Range in Turkey

Although dried fig production may fluctuate between 60-75 thousand tons according to annual climatic conditions, Turkey ranks as the world’s largest supplier of fresh and dried figs. Turkey realizes 24% of the world’s fresh fig production and more than half of the world’s dried fig production.